Brian and Jenn Johnson video notes…

Ok, so I said that my next blog would be notes from Brian and Jenn Johnson’s seminar on Prophetic Worship at Worship Central 2013. So here are my notes from it. Most of it is about prophetic worship, some are just thoughts that are really useful too. I think that Bethel church are providing amazing resources for the church at this time and really equipping us to encounter Jesus as much as we can. I hope it makes sense to you and if as affirming as I have found alot of things people have been talking about on this subject lately. xxx

What is prophecy in worship?

– Having a heart that is open and willing to not know what to do with what God may be saying but having a heart that wants it more than what you fear it will look like.

– Anything that has the breath of the Spirit on it. At the right time. A prophetic song can be sung in that moment.

– Its about keeping the antenna on and going with the flow and singing it out.

– When we look for the mind of Christ we shouldn’t be surprised when we get it.

– Its about submitting to Christ and encouragement and exhortation

When co-leading?

– Brian and Jenn usually have a ten song set list with ideas to pull from

– Sometimes you don’t know what to do and that is when you take the risks and start singing out in the moment.

– Honour the point with each other

What helps to hear from God and step out?

The worship hat needs to always be on. Its not about “preparing” for worship – its a lifestyle. Brian goes on to say that Jesus lived His life in ministry mode all His life.

– Hearing God’s voice is something you need to keep practising.

– When you obey Him when you don’t understand then He will use you more and more.

– Start to want the risk of hearing Him to outweigh the fear. Pray for COURAGE and care more about going for it than the fear of failure. 

– Start to say and believe – “Why do I care what they think?!” Cross over that line! Care more about worship and being in His presence and going for it and representing Him than what it is going to look like!

– Sing something in the moment and just watch God do His thing. Vulnerability and humility is important.

– Some people are born to naturally get it – but we can all grow in it.

How do Brian and Jenn Johnson help teams grow in prophecy?

– Encourage no fear and it’s ok to make mistakes. Say to them “anything you do won’t scare me” Be open, honest and accountable. Discuss things constructively too though to encourage others to practise in it and develop this gift.

How can you help congregations to be open to space/prophetic?

– Bethel are blessed to have a 24/7 prayer room where people worship and pray. Its a very good space to feel out the spontaneous and prophetic. (Is there a space for this in Milton Keynes maybe? Sorry, just a thought!)

– Practise to keep the flow. Practise individually. Practise in teams.

– Encourage and say maybe “We’re going to hold on this chord progression and I encourage you to sing out your own song…” Keep on making baby steps in the safe places you can make risks and it slowly starts to happen in meetings it may hardly happen in.

– At 29:28 they give an example of spontaneous/prophetic worship.

– David played skillfully before the Lord. He knew what to play in that moment. We should be developing our skills to have that same musicality and insight.

How can we begin the prophetic/spontaneous in a church setting that has no idea about it?

– No matter what you’re doing, whether sticking to a song list or stepping out you should always be taking the temperature of the room from back to the front and feeling things out.

– Maybe go off the page a little and catch a phrase that we can sing easily together like a hook.

– We are leading everyone in church all at different life stages.

– Prophetic/spontaneous worship doesn’t have to be elaborate, it can be something everyone can sing. The goal of this is not only to show God to people in the room but also that the person can have a moment to respond because of that moment. 

Do worship and evangelism connect?

– People can come to Jesus through prophetic ministry.

– When worshipping and creating an atmosphere people will question “What is this?”

– Worship and evangelism are very connected and our goal is to point people in the right direction.

We are created to encounter God. 

Intimacy in Worship?

– Its about relationship and engagement.

– Our view of the Father is so drastic and there needs to be a healthy teaching on the love of the Father. A healthy perspective of the Father is important.

– Ask God. Show me how you look like as a Father. Show me how you look like as Son. Show me how you look like as Spirit.

– The heart of God is for us to be in love with Him.

Family Life?

– Jenn said that a lady once said to her to not let anybody tell you how your family life should look buy to let HIM tell you how this is going to look!

– If the enemy can get you overwhelmed then he can get you giving up. Declare the opposite of putting yourself down. Declare that God is greater and because of that you won’t be overwhelmed! (Jenn wrote God I Look To You by first saying “I am so overwhelmed” but then made a much stronger emphasis by saying “I won’t be overwhelmed”) The words we use have so much power and shape on our lives.

– Submit your schedule to the Lord.

– Keep things paused until God unpauses them. Be seasonally minded.

Closing comments

– Brian said: “In your pursuit for excellence don’t forget the things that got you there” Some of these things only you and God will ever know. Let God know that it is all from Him and all for Him.

– Don’t forget the things that you learned on the way and then when you arrive that you continue these things.

– God declares who He is through us.

– Know who you are. Loved. And made in His image.

Great, I’m off to watch some more videos when babies are a napping 🙂

Love and prayers

Erica xxx


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