Nick Drake: A Deeper Note

I went to the Worship Central Conference in November 2014. It was awesome. And I intend to go again this year if anyone else wants to join me ūüôā

Anyway, I’ve found a load of notes in my journal from the seminars and keynote talks. I thought I’d put them on here in case they of use to anyone else. Plus it is so useful for me to re-look at them too – I forgot I wrote some of it!

Nick Drake did a seminar called “A Deeper Note”. It asked the question – “why do we sing” and looked into the theology of worship.

He started by giving a quote from Pete Ward (Selling Worship) that “As the mass is for Catholics, the sermon for Protestants… so the sing of songs is for Charismatics”.¬†

What does it mean to encounter God in sung worship?

Encounter = the weight of his glory impressioning on us… an imprint left by Him. [people who come to church] should expect to be encountered by God. It is a memorable meeting of two people.

How do we know the church has God involved and moving?

John Wimber says we know this when¬†“We are headed towards one goal – intimacy… marked by close association, presence and contact”.

What does it mean to have intimacy with God in sung worship?

It means an inward direction, coming towards Him, one direction INTO God, bringing ourselves. But it is also an outward direction with all things are happening and moving in Christ. The Spirit is the perfecting agency and cause bringing it all into completion through us. It is also about meeting for we can look more like Him, through us and to others

How do we articulate ENCOUNTER in our church?

WORDS – what do words do?

They more than declare reality. They open up the reality that they talk about and then evoke an experience. Nick Drake does go on to say that repeated words have more power (!)

MUSIC – what does music do?

It has the power to affect emotions and it can affect us physically. It is a physical action with VOICE and INSTRUMENT

Music + Words = Song

– Melody heightens words with meaning.

I love this next bit by the way…


WORDS  affect our INTELLECT, then our EMOTION and the our BODY. MUSIC affects BODY, then our EMOTION, then our INTELLECT.                           

Words and music affect the same things but in the opposite order


God longs to see your face and who are becoming and most fully you are in Him. SINGING BRINGS THAT!

Sometimes what we are singing is the action of the Spirit manifesting His power. Without the Spirit this opening up doesn’t happen.

Where is the power in sung worship?

Singing enables an openness, an expansiveness.¬†Music leaders should encourage and give the people that confidence to be have that power to bring that openness and allow the Spirit to move. We need to “saturate people in song” and get “under” the room.

We need to sing, and to self reveal ourselves as much as we can reveal before the Lord through song and not be inhibited!

  • It matters in how we pray and prepare
  • It matters that we are utterly dependent on Him
  • We need leaders who are incomplete without the Holy Spirit.

Here is link to the whole talk together with slides (with lots more fab quotes and points that I didn’t get to write down in time).

Erica xScreen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.58.32


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