The Big 5


Here are some more notes from the Worship Central conference I went to last year. In this seminar Luke Hellebronth, Nikki Fletcher, Ben Cantelon & Henry Marsden speak about five big topics that can transform the way your team leads worship. Auditions // Transitions // Musical Direction // Rehearsals // Team Morale.


  • Set the bar high but reach down low.
  • Remember it is an anointed job
  • Build teams up for longevity
  • Focus on a person’s character above gifting
  • Meeting first can help a relationship to be formed and help you to learn where the potential team member starts. The Levites were a huge family and this is so important when leading worship together.
  • Check for commitment/dedication
  • Encourage them to choose songs/arrangements
  • Ask yourself – do they get it? are they spirit led? are they teachable? do they really care about what they do?
  • When giving feedback speak the truth in love. If not the answer they’d might like give them pointers to grow and always offer 2nd chances.


  1. Relationship – love people more than the task
  2. Vision – have one for your team, think about what does encountering Jesus look like for your team?
  3. Culture – what we bring is more powerful than what we do
  4. Fun – Jesus has done the worship, lets just join the party
  5. Encourage, encourage, encourage
  6. Speak well of each other
  7. Recognise and release giftings, ensure everyone is doing what they are really good at
  8. Pray together


  • Honour the sound, visual and production team
  • If you want to see fruit you have to be prepared
  • Be clear in your communication
  • Hold people acountable, give reachable targets and encourage improvements
  • Know what to want to leave with having achieved in rehearsals
  • Honour time
  • Have fun – “High standards – low pressure”


In this part of the seminar Ben Cantalon goes through the process of changing from one song to another. Have a listen for some great ideas and examples to flow from one song to another.


Have you ever noticed the guy playing the bass at the back with a “secret microphone”? Well I was just gobsmacked to know that many “professional” worship bands have an MD nowadays who speaks the directions through the band’s in ears. This frees up the worship leader to focus on moving with the Spirit. Here is a lowdown on what he/she does…There is also a part on the audio (3/4 towards the end) when Henry Marsden demonstrates how he directs a band during a time of worship.  

  1. What? They navigate the music so the worship leader can see the bigger picture. The worship leader leads the spiritual which the MD leads the practical. A co-leader in a band could take this role on in a smaller church who is able to read what the the worship leader wants and convey it to the band. The MD is also the person that arranges music and ensures that the band knows what each person is doing.
  2. How? Using a microphone that is only heard on the monitors/in ear monitors just for band guidance. They give count ins, count outs and reminders and instructions for chords, sections and outros etc.
  3. When? They may give instructions during junctions between solos and sense/read when the worship leader wants to go.
  4. Why? To communicate with a band.

So some rather useful stuff that has helped me to revise some important points and learn some more. The main point I want to claim from it all it is this:

What is the culture you want to create? Be that culture!

Erica xxx


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