Hear The Whispers of Heaven….

Just a quick one tonight. At the end of a seminar about song writing (audio is available here http://www.worshipcentral.org/life/article/song-central-wcconf-14) a lady called Debs at the end spoke to us all about something she had strongly on her heart. What she said blew my mind at the time. And reading it back again just gets me excited all over again. God is doing a huge new thing, there is a shift in our worship going on right now – we can either move with Him or stay where we are and only be half as satisfied as we could ever be. I hope it inspires you as much as it has inspired me.

God wants to sing over his church. We are the carriers of His singing, to break walls down and sing a new song. God’s heart.

God is looking for people who will write out of their hearts He’s asking us to come up higher and storm the heavenly realm and bring Heaven down to Earth.

In Joshua the Levites (worship leaders) went first to break the walls down simply by worshipping God for who he was and what He could do. He wants us to do the same today. We need to see the spiritual realm, worship prophetically and BE BOLD to do it!

Do not be ashamed of the gifts God has given you. If anyone has ever said that you are weird or that there is something wrong with you for being prophetic or worshipping  prophetically there is nothing wrong with you! We are in the world but not of the world! You need to come up and walk in the identity that your heavenly father has given you. There is nothing wrong with having a prophetic anointing on your worship!

We need to step into our giftings. God is calling us to sing a new song. There is a new song coming from the Heavenly realms. Its not going to sound like how we hear songs etc today. Its going to be Heaven singing, heavenly songs that God is longing to sing over His people.

We need to hear the whispers of Heaven and then sing them out!

Whew. Alot of that really spoke to me. But especially the last bit – to hear the whispers of Heaven – to be so in touch with the heavenly realms that we can hear/sense the small things going on and know what God wants to say to us. But not just to hear them, but to have the boldness to sing them out!

Erica xxx


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