Faith is spelled r.i.s.k…..

Last December I was given the challenge to choose a word for the year. A word that I was going to claim. I chose courage.

Someone once said to me – “Never pray for patience! Because God will test that and keep you waiting!” But you know what happens when you pray for courage? God challenges you with things that are really scary. Like terrifyingly scary. But once you take that leap and just get on with the task He has set you – you realise that there is no place you would rather be than walking in His direction.

I forgot I claimed this word back in January. Until today. I was reflecting on how amazing our time of worship was Sunday night at church and realised that it was only down to some risk taking that we were able to meet with Jesus in powerfully new ways. My heart was proper racing when I was prompted to speak or sing out or do nothing at all – but once I jumped and did what I felt I was being told it was the most beautiful place to be in. Meeting with Jesus and knowing that others were led there too.

rope bridge

Before the service I sensed that God gave me a picture. It was of a rickety old rope bridge and Jesus was the other side of it. He was saying that we have to risk this scary experience in order to really meet with Him. He would always be there if we didn’t take the risk, but only at a distance. I hate rope bridges, I especially hate them when someone else swings the thing and I’m trying to cross! But taking that risk isn’t always going to be a comfortable one. But the rewards for it can be awesome! And if it means meeting with Jesus more intimately then bring it on yeah? Easier said than done but if we aren’t obedient to Holy Spirit’s promptings then that is never going to happen.

I heard Tim Hughes’ new song: Only the Brave earlier today. He has taken one HUGE risk leaving his amazing job at HTB behind and planting a church of his own – totally trusting in the Lord. Just thought I’d finish my random blurb with this chorus….

Only the brave will go where you go

Into the fire, but never alone

We know you’ll always carry us home

Only the brave will go where you go

Love and prayers

Erica x


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